Ein Gedanke zu “Gästebuch

  1. Mette Hjerrild

    We stayed her for a week in July 2016 with 2 adults and 3 small kids.
    We really enjoyed and can recommend – especialy if you have smal children.
    The apartment were nice and clean. Beds comfortable , nice kitchen area in the apartment. Looks like it had been renovated within the last year.
    There is a big playground and a smaller in front of the house. There is a swimminpoolarea. There i sheep, goats, horses and rabbits. Most days there where activities such as feeding animals or riding the pony.
    Breakfast was good dairy products, bread, fruit, cold cuts and cake. Most of it home made and high quality. We also had dinner daily – it was also good and served already 17:30-18:00, which we really enjoyed because of the kids.
    The people working here were very friendly. I hope I with this comment can get more people to visit!

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